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Experts-GS | Smart Digital Solutions

Our Vision

Our vision is to harness the strength of our facial recognition system to create multi discipline solutions.

From security to customer care and mobile applications authentication.

Providing an accurate way of authenticating, verifying and authorizing solutions.

We provide biometric solutions. Fingerprints , signature and facial recognition. Since 2008 following the latest changes of technology and needs

Since 2016 a full Romanian company under the EU providing Digital platform to enterprises and facial recognition solutions, and developed since then following the latest changes of technology and needs.

Some of the biggest companies chose our solutions.

Maximizes Customer’s Experience, Enhances Operational Efficiency & Digital Transformation.

Partnership With Leading Vendors And Partners Internationally.


Our Technology

Award Winning

How We Work

Our Applications

Facial Biometric Based

Public Security

Monitor large groups of people and rapidly identify potential security threats at airports, public gatherings or sports arenas using real-time face detection

Crowd Statistics

  • Multiple watch lists
  • Real-time identification
  • Multiface tracking and detection
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Crowd Statistics

Access Control

Provide a safer enviroment for your employees and visitors by using facial biometric to control access and accurately monitor individuals on your premises.

Safer Enviroment

  • Real-time identification
  • Multiface tracking and detection
  • Industry-leading speed & accuracy
  • Multiple watchlists

Health Care

Desktop guard for doctors computers, Cart guard for hospital drug carts, Fast, safe and reliable authentication , doctors mdAccess control

Financial Management

  • Financial Management
  • Cash Flow
  • Management of Payments
  • Credit Control
  • Fixed assets Management

Casinos & Shopping Malls

Gambler recognition, casino security, shopping app, POS integration with mall app, all facial biometric based


  • Bank Kiosks
  • Hotel room amneties manager
  • In premise ad manager
  • Hotel door access control


Bank Kiosks, Bank App Security Biometrics in ATMs Biometrics for internet banking, Biometrics in digital on-boarding

Management Information

  • Budgets
  • Data Mining
  • Data Warehouse
  • Business Inteligence ( BI )
  • MyGalaxy View

Airport Security

State-of-the-art technology for detection of faces in static and streamed images, acquiring faces and identifying gender and age.

Frame Glasses

Closed eye, eyes gaze, red eyes, open mouth, eye glasses, heavy frame glasses.

Thread-safe, head pose deviation (yaw, pitch, roll), multi-face detection and tracking.

Facial Biometrics

Live Stats Anywhere

  • Fast and accurate live detection
  • Not open source but propriety solution
  • Our algorithm was benchmarked with NIST and in the top 5 performers
  • OCR Built in the SDK
  • 150K template data is sent smallest footprint
  • Multiplatform
  • Robust
  • Fast Implementation

Performance & cost-efficiency

We design our services with scalability, performance and cost-efficiency in mind. The full analysis on the average social media image takes less than 3s.

The Face defines a recognized photo from an image. It is described by the features used in the recognition process, by the keypoints (eg. nose, jaw, mouth) resulting from the face detection and alignment and by the attributes coming from the face classification (gender, age group, hair color, skin color, eye color).


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